Concrete Bridge Rubble  with large spans of bridge and standing pilings. This site sits in approx. 90 ft of water and holds lots of fish, a great spot for spearfishing.

Located 15 miles SE of Perido Pass

The " Allen"  95ft of water

8.5 miles from period pass

The " Sparkman" 90ft of water

18 miles from Perido Pass

The "Wallace"  90 ft of water

11 miles from Perido Pass

all 3 are approx. 480ft long and 80ft wide.

Orange Beaches Newest Dive Site. Poseidon's Playground sits in approx. 39 ft of water and offers a great dive for students, newly certified divers or for divers who have not dove recently. Its close proximity to shore ( 3 miles) offers a short and pleasant ride.  

Sank in May of 2013 she lies in 112ft of water. This ship is 296ft long and 40ft wide.

Located approx. 17 miles south of Perido Pass

Popular Dive Sites

             Poseidon's  Playground                          The "LuLu"                                       "Bridge Rubble"                                    " Liberty Ships"       

       Orange beach and Pensacola dive sites

general info

Alabama  has the largest artificial reef program in the united states with more than 17,000 reefs  including the " oriskany" the largest ship ever sunk as a artificial reef.  we have something for everyone: ship  wrecks, reefs, army tanks, airplanes, natural bottom and oil rigs. 

these reefs provide excellent diving conditions with visibility in the 50-80ft range being common.

marine life common to the area:

Dolphins         Sharks       Sea Turtles      Lobster     Amberjack    Red Snapper    Grouper  Lionfish